Email Transition

Update 9/20/2021 – Migration to Google Workspace GMail has been completed.

Update 9/10/2021 – All email, contacts and calendars have been migrated. The email migration for staff emails prior to Jan 2020 created a temporary “Archived Mail” label in GMail that contains other labels below it which are duplicates of your original labels. We are in the process of moving the sub-labels under “Archived Mail” to your original location.

Original announcement:
We have been working to migrate our email system from Microsoft 365 Outlook to Google Workspace GMail.
We are working to migrate contacts, calendars and emails.

Email addresses will remain as or
School District users will not have any other domain name as part of their email address (ie:

As of 7/22/2021 – Email and calendars are migrated from 2/1/2020 – 7/22/2021.
The link will now send you to Gmail (log in with your school email address and password).
If for any reason, you need to access the old email system (for example to retrieve something that has not migrated), you can do so my going to You cannot send email from the old email system except to yourself (for forwarding emails to yourself if needed). Emails over 25MB cannot be migrated/transferred, this is a limit imposed by Google.

Students will also begin using Gmail now. Migration of existing contacts, calendars and emails for them will begin soon.


eSchool/TAC/HAC Links

UPDATE 12/28/2020 – Apscn’s work on upgrading eSchool, TAC and HAC is complete. Your old shortcuts/links may not work. Use the following to access these resources:

Original Post 12/15/2020 “Planned Outage Alert – eSchool/TAC/HAC”:
Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) Student Management Unit will be taking eSchoolPLUS (including TAC and HAC) offline Sunday, December 20, 2020 12:00pm (Noon) to begin work applying upgrades to the system. The system is expected to be back online Monday, December 28, 2020.


Staff – TAC/ESchool VPN

Staff – ESchool/TAC – Friday, April 3, 2020

To access TAC, E-School or E-Finance from home you must first connect to the APSCN VPN.  Instructions for the VPN are here: ApscnVPN via F5 (Jan 2021) (Updated 3/16/2021 with Jan 2021 version)

Once connected to the VPN, Even if the option isn’t displayed, TAC should be reachable at and ESchool at

If you get the following message, please follow these instructions to Reinstall the F5 VPN (link).


If you get the error shown above for Mac users (The session reference number: nnnnnnnn):

  1. You will need to install a new version of the F5 VPN for accessing TAC.
  2. Click the start button (lower left corner), type in “Software Center” (without the quotes) then click the App to open it
  3. Select the “2021 F5 VPN Install” – follow the prompts.
    *** If it asks for the server enter:
  4. Select TAC and/or login when prompted.

Student Tech Help!

Benton School District Technology Team is here to assist you with issues regarding your school account and/or school issued Chromebook, Macbook or iPad.

Our technology workorder for students is located here (click here)!

We will primarily communicate with you via your school email address. Please be sure to keep an eye on that at . You can also review your workorder(s) by clicking the “View/Edit Workorder” link in the menu at the top of this page.