Staff – TAC/ESchool VPN

Staff – ESchool/TAC – Friday, April 3, 2020

To access TAC, E-School or E-Finance from home you must first connect to the APSCN VPN.  Instructions for the VPN are here: ApscnVPN via F5 (Jan 2021) (Updated 3/16/2021 with Jan 2021 version)

Once connected to the VPN, Even if the option isn’t displayed, TAC should be reachable at and ESchool at

If you get the following message, please follow these instructions to Reinstall the F5 VPN (link).


If you get the error shown above for Mac users (The session reference number: nnnnnnnn):

  1. You will need to install a new version of the F5 VPN for accessing TAC.
  2. Click the start button (lower left corner), type in “Software Center” (without the quotes) then click the App to open it
  3. Select the “2021 F5 VPN Install” – follow the prompts.
    *** If it asks for the server enter:
  4. Select TAC and/or login when prompted.