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--- Active Technology Alerts ---
  • 12/5/2017 - Chromebook Wireless Connectivity
    • Schools across the nation are reporting loss of wireless connectivity when using Chromebooks
    • Google is investigating the issue.
    • Chromebooks that will not connect to the BPS-Staff wireless network will need to temporarily be connected to the BPS-GuestNet wireless network. Once connected, they should retrieve their policies and correct the issue.
--- Active Technology Alerts ---
Below are suggestions that may help you avoid or resolve problems before reporting to us.
Attention: Technology staff come into your building to work on specific workorders someone has properly reported.
DO NOT report problems to technology staff as they are passing through your building. Instead, please submit this form properly and a technician will be assigned to you asap.

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If a work order has been filed and we are no longer needed, please CANCEL the work order (click here) and save a wasted trip.