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Change your password

You can change your password at any time while on campus or at home.

Please note the following prior to following password change instructions

  • If you change from home or use our web-based methods, your school issued computer will not acknowledge this until it is rebooted while connected to the school network.
    • If you use the web-based methods and are connected to the school network, you should reboot immediately and login with your new password
    • If you are away from campus and use the web-based methods, You will continue to login/unlock your computer with your previous password while your Google Services, Clever, Email, etc will use your new password. Once your computer returns to the school network, it is best to reboot it and login to sync everything back up.
  • If you change your password while connected to the campus network using a Macbook or Windows device using their native methods, your password will change immediately for your computer, Google Services, Clever, Email, etc.

We have provided access to the school network in the main parking lot at Benton High School. You can connect to the school network from within your vehicle.

  • To change your password
    • Windows based laptop or desktop
      • If your password is expired or temporary, you will be told so and prompted to change it when you login with the expired or temporary password.
      • If your password is not expired or temporary, login to the device with your current known password.
        • While at the desktop logged in, hold down CTRL, hold down ALT and tap Delete one time.
        • Choose Change Password
        • When prompted for “Old Password”, enter your current password
        • Enter your new desired password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields
    • MacOS
      • Instructions coming…
    • Chromebook/Chromebase
      • Instructions coming…
    • Any device using a web browser (mobile phone, home computer, etc)
      • Instructions coming…
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Computer / Internet Use Agreement

Where can I find the computer or Internet use agreements?

  1. Go to the Benton School District main website ( )
  2. Click Menu
  3. Under the Administration header, expand “School Board” and click Board Policies
    1. For Students:
      1. Click Section 4 – Student Personnel
      2. Locate 4.29 and 4.29F
    2. For Licensed Staff (Teachers):
      1. Click Section 3 – Licensed Personnel Policies
      2. Locate 3.28 and 3.28F
    3. For Classified Staff (Custodians, Maintenance, Technology, Transportation, Secretaries, Food Service and others):
      1. Click Section 8 – Classified Personnel Policies
      2. Locate 8.22 and 8.22F